These Caffeinated Creations, AKA “Coffee Earrings” – are designed to lift your energy like a warm shot of espresso !  Coffee Flower EaringsLATTE

When I read this sign I laughed out loud – and felt inspired  to be creative. So I began by playing around with the materials I  was already working with in my studio.  I paint flowers with coffee and I make beaded Magnifying Necklaces.  I wanted to make earrings to match my necklaces that would be Earthy, Elegant and Energetic – like a cup of coffee.  I used the coffee bean beads I had already made for the necklaces  and paired them with warm colored crystals for sparkle and shine.  Then I added the flower beads because I love to paint flowers. It was so satisfying for me to be able to tie together two of my art forms that had previously seemed so non related.  What do you think about the combination ?  To see more of my Coffee Scented Greeting Cards and my other Necklaces and Earrings go to

bean necklaceCoffee Lily Card


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