blog photoWelcome to my blog! I am excited to connect with you.  Starting  with the morning and a cup of coffee that use to paint with,  to my dreams at night.  To me Art is a part of everything – it’s multi-dimensional –  it’s infinite–  it’s a noun, an adjective and a verb – and yet it’s so indescribable that it’s why I stay up late into the night exploring, creating and writing about Art.  Art has a way of making time disappear –  like it’s doing for me right now 🙂  

As for the the title of my Blog “Through the Looking Glass”  -it has multiple meanings for me:

…to see the magic in life with eyes wide open

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Fashion + Function = Fabulous! at: – Click on LOOKING GLASS

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  1. I am so glad I got to meet you too ! The weekend went by so fast, it was so fun and inspiring – I am so happy to finally set up a blog – now I just need to figure out why I have 2 home pages !

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