Feeling Thankful


It’s Thanksgiving week and I am feeling Thankful for so many things, mostly my friends, family and being able to pursue art.  This is my first Holiday season with my new business The Looking Glass. I’ve been working diligently to design styles at many price points so everyone can have one. I’m very excited about my new adjustable length necklaces. To celebrate I’m offering a discount on my website: http://www.ArtByWendra.com just click on LOOKING GLASS to SEE for yourself 🙂



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  2. HI Melanie, I’m floundering around in WordPress – I literally feel like Alice lost in Wonderland – I have no idea what I’ve posted and where it’s going – just pushing tabs – ha ! oh well – I found you here – thank you for the comment 🙂 Your Blog is so amazing – you make blogging look easy –
    you’re a blog diva ! xoxo, w

  3. Hi Wendra, just a quick note from me. To let you know I haven’t forgotten you. Still going strong with the looking glass necklasses I see. Hope you have a marvellous 2016.

  4. Hello Greetje! Thank you! Yes steadily growing the Necklaces, and slowly learning to blog 🙂 Your note is inspiring me to post again, hard to believe it’s been a month since my last post “Feeling Thankful” – it’s a good thing “Feeling Thankful” never grows old 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful happy and healthy 2016 too !! Hugs, W

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