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Jewelry for a “Goth-Warrior Princess!”


Halloween was becoming dangerously close to just a nostalgic memory for me.  After my daughter went away to school, my impetus to dress up and to decorate for one of my favorite holidays was quickly fading. However, a couple of weeks ago I was saved by a distant calling from the other side of the globe.

A request came in via my website for an “Alchemist” magnifying necklace from the global fashion capitol – Paris!  Corinne had discovered my website after hearing about it through the infamous 40 + blogger meet up in Vancouver. She had been a follower of most of the blogs from the Vancouver Connection for a couple of years and had read all the accounts of the event avidly. She went onto my site: and saw “The Alchemist” magnifying necklace decorated with skulls. Corinne’s son had always fondly described her style as “Mature Goth Warrior Princess”, so she was thrilled at the idea of wearing skulls on a necklace. Even better, the necklace would help her vision and reduce her dependence on her reading glasses. After hearing this story, I was so inspired by her son’s creative name for her style that I created matching Skull Earrings… just in time for Halloween!  Necklace $39.  Earrings $20

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 photo photo 4skull hoop