omg – it’s 3 am – i just wrote a post and it simply disappeared…. this bloggin stuff ain’t easy .

I’m exhausted – it’s been a week of packing and moving and a fire in the kitchen and a car that had to be towed ….

Come visit me on Saturday at the Kirkland Art Fair !


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  1. I’m glad you’re moved! And the car will be fixed, the fire is out. Whew!! Just keep your eye on that wonderful new closet. I hope you sell lots and lots at the art fair.

  2. oh yes… you are so sweet to remember: the beloved ‘walk-in’ closet ! thank you for the reminder to focus on the positive – so much to be thankful for ! xoxo

    • you are so sweet – i’d love for you to come visit me in Seattle! You’re not going to believe this – I am back in Vancouver – working on a commercial – I am hoping to see Melanie – but it’s been long work days and I haven’t had a free minute.

  3. Sounds like life is crazy at your end right now. Wish I were closer so I could be of some help, you know thats what friends are for. At least know I’m thinking of you, can’t wait to see that new closet. Hope the fair went well for you.

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